Imagine ifThis post, like a few previous ones, deals with mental word pictures that fall in the category of ‘imagine ifs’. These posts have focused on several published articles and advertisements found in health related literature, which are designed to attract readers concerning their own bodily health. Overall, when discussing human health, most people understand that health is a state of well-being and commonly designated as physical or bodily health. In addition to meeting physical needs, many strive to obtain significant levels of non-physical wholeness and happiness through spiritual and mental capabilities. Now the issues of healthiness have become so sophisticated that the terms ‘physical’, are too commonplace and the mundane. Instead, they are further refined and evolved into more technical and scientific words and phrases, such as borderline high blood pressure, symptomology, fertility centers, social interaction, digestive health, probiotics, etc. Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with this. But in our quest for total and complete health, what happened to one’s spiritual make-up as an integral component of health? Has the flagrant omission of spirituality in health conscience people been disenfranchised in our modern secular society? This egregious opposition to spiritual minded people is not church versus state or freedom of religion issues. Instead many people believe that the issue here is one of atheism; unbelief of any transcendent power having juridical authority. Imagine if these unbelievers somehow began to significantly change their irreverent attitude about the reality of the unseen world. This then would be a domain on this planet and elsewhere to see things that are beyond their normal vision, yet understood figuratively or symbolically. Just imagine how changed attitudes could influence the godless culture we live in. Just imagine.did you know png

 The Title of Clay's PhD thesis at MIT was

"Study of the Early Development  of Rat Caries and Concurrent

Microbial Changes as

Influenced by Trimetaphosphate."