Many of the visitors to the web site and most of our established bloggers have had a chance to read an older post entitled ‘What is a Blog and What is a Post?’  This particular post is useful for those who want to learn some of the mechanics of blogging and/or wish to comment about the web site or on a specific article. So far, I have received several thousand responses since the inauguration of the weblog this year. The majority of comments were short and very complementary about the appearance of the site or the wording in the posts.  I am certainly pleased about such accolades and wish to thank those who made them. But compliments alone do not serve the real purpose of blogging. So here’s the deal.  Most, if not all authors of posts wish to communicate messages that allows the readers to appraise the value of the messages.  And it’s these evaluations, whether neutral, positive or negative that drives, so to speak, the whole blogging ‘show’. So from here on out, let’s keep this major purpose of blogging in mind.  As most people know this approach is really one of connectivity.  It is almost guaranteed to put life into the show!  Without question, this is the finest way to link the reader with the author of the posts.


Setting: Hospital Room

Subjects: Rose Marie and Clay

Date: Ten Days Post Spinal Surgery