As I was drinking coffee this morning, I saw a subscription announcement on the front page of a local news-paper.  The headline read “Become a citizen of the Spurs Nation”. (The Spurs are a well-known and a predominate basketball team in the NBA)  By becoming a so-called ‘citizen’, an individual then has an opportunity to relinquish control of any other demanding interests in order to affiliate with a new and more exciting ‘Nation’ of Spurs. In several ways, this particular advertisement is analogous to the term, ‘blogosphere’ which is made up of blogs and their interconnections.  Furthermore, the term implies that blogs exist together as a connected community or as a networking provision in which authors and blog readers can publish their opinions.  In recent years many have treated blogospheres as a gauge of public opinion or as limited spheres such as a devotion to foods, travels, gaming, health, clothing etc.  It is not surprising that each blogosphere has a narrowly defined platform that attracts individuals having commonality with a stated platform and with each other. In the next post entitled, ‘A Platform for our Blogosphere’ I, I will expand on the subject of blogosphere as it directly applies to our weblog site. As we begin to understand the nature and details of our soon to be developed platform,  it may divide our fellow bloggers and visitors into those who want and those who do not want to become ‘citizens’ of a new domain.