In our last post entitled 'Advanced Analysis of Blogging'' the term  blogosphere was defined as a community of interconnecting blogs. Like all blogospheres, each one, including ours, will possess  a identifiable platform.

To better understand where we will be going with our blogosphere and its platforms, the last post was used to contrast differing spheres or domains.  An analogy of differing blog communities and platforms was made by choosing citizenry in a new sphere in contrast to an older domain of interest.

Before we reveal the moniker of our blogosphere's title, let's disclose one of its platforms that contain two key words. The  first word in a two word title is apart. In the  next post, 'A Platform for our Blogosphere II', we  will deal with the other key word.


The term ‘apart’ can mean two or more people or things are separated by an intervening barrier or a specified distance from each other in time or space.  Apart can also  refer to someone or something placed or kept separately, or to one side, for a particular purpose or reason.

Lastly, apart can also refer to people or things having independent unique qualities or characteristics . Once these feaures are correctly identified  we can determine which are similar or diferent between certain people or things.

Let’s look at at five examples of apartness that is used or implied.

1. New York and Tokyo are thousands of miles apart. 2. Our birthdays are three days apart. 3. Put money apart for education.4. He stood apart from the group. 5. He had a feeling of being set apart.

Finally, here is a current situation of in which the word ‘apart’ is used.

" Fears of catastrophic global warming have split apart major governing bodies as well as dividing their electorates. From the Pacific rim to Europe, countries are voicing their opposition to wide-reaching plans to tackle global warming by getting rid of fossil fuels and forcing the use of costly, less reliable green energy, such as natural energies from sunlight, wind, rain, etc."

Coming up: A Platform for Our Blogosphere II