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Worlds Apart

When we combine the words 'world' and 'apart', we get the phrase ‘worlds apart’ which has a quite different meaning than using individual terms. More precisely, this term  is an idiom. It is a form of language or an expression that cannot be understood from the meanings of its separate words, but has a separate meaning of its own. 

Idioms or expressions can have  a figurative, or sometimes literal meanings. The phrase 'worlds apart' has a  figurative meaning  that is different from the literal meaning.   Worlds apart strongly states that if two things or people are worlds apart,they are completely and utterly different from each other. 

Lets examine several other idioms regarding their figurative meanings. The fixed words constituting the idiom in each case are underlined.

  • She is pulling my leg.
  • When will you drop them a line.
  • I can't keep my head above water.
  • It's raining cat' and dogs.
  • Oh no! You spilled the beans.
  • Why are you feeling blue?
  • That coat costs an arm and a leg.
  • Those two women are beautiful, but each of them have attitudes that are worlds apart
  • The tangible or physical realm is worlds apart from the unseen or nonphysical domain.

Note: This last statement will embody the platform of our upcoming blogosphere.







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