A Platform for Our Blogosphere IV

So far we have identified and dissected the term, ‘apart’.  As portion of our blogosphere’s title, we can combine it with a word or proposition that means they are so related that both cannot be true and both cannot be false at same time.  They are mutually exclusive, opposite or contrary to each other.  As we take on this exercise of comparing apart to something else, let’s look at a few terms or words that are contradictory to each other.

+ perfect and imperfect

+ antithetical (being so different as to be irreconcilable)

+ opposite (applies to things that are in sharp contrast or in conflict)

+ (Regarding marriage), what God has joined together, let no man separate (that which is joined). Mark 10:9.

+ “Is the relationship between sisters one of togetherness or apartness?”


Togetherness means to be in association with someone or thing.  Togetherness is a contradictory term to the meaning of apartness.  Togetherness suggests a strong linkage between the two entities that is calm, stable and well-balanced.

I am of the opinion that once the interrelated qualities of apartness and togetherness are associated next to one another in time or in space, the major topic of the blogosphere will become more to our understanding.

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