The Arrival of Blogosphere

As promised in the last post, 'Emergence of our Blogosphere', I now will begin the process of clarifying the content of a very short statement mentioned in that post.  I purposely use the phrase, 'begin the process', because it is the starting of a series of proceedings we will take in order to achieve the completion of our ongoing blogosphere's platform.

The first statement began by listing two separate conditions or domains, A and B.  Each consIst of 'things' that generally describe the differences between the two settings.  By replacing the word 'things' with more specific names we can start to better understand the statement.  The statement then becomes the following:

Condition A is identified as the Unseen World possessing objects that are intangible, less understood and worlds apart from Condition B, which is the Seen World.  This second world consists of objects that are perceptible, discernible and well known.  While these differences between the two worlds are readily acknowledged, there is evidence derived from the method of analogical reasoning that suggest certain similarities exist between the Unseen World and the Seen World!

Furthermore, if these similarities are shown to be reasonable by this type of thinking about something in a logical,sensible way,  it advocates these domains are really not worlds apart but are more in agreement (together) than they originally were thought to be.

Please note that there are other equivalences or substitutes for Unseen and Seen Worlds. They include nonphysical vs. physical, spiritual vs. nonspiritual, supernatural vs. natural and the inner unseen self vs. outer seen self.

More on this topic in the next post.  Stay tuned.


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