Emergence of our Blogosphere

I am of the opinion that once the conditions of apartness and of togetherness, as presented in the last few posts, are associated next to one another in time or in space, the major topic of the blogosphere will emerge and become more to our understanding.

With this caveat in place, please allow me to present two separate conditions, A and B, for our fellow bloggers to consider.

Condition A encompasses things that are intangible, less understood and worlds apart from Condition B, which consists of things that are perceptible, discernable and well known. While these differences between the two are readily apparent, there is evidence derived from interested investigators that suggest certain similarities exist between the A. and B!

Furthermore, if indeed, similarities of conditions A and B are shown to be factual, it first suggests that conditions of A and B are really not worlds apart but are more in agreement (together) than they originally were thought to be.

I know that some of these things stated above are somewhat foreign to many readers and will require further clarification. And that is exactly what I will attempt to do in succeeding posts.

2 thoughts on “Emergence of our Blogosphere

  1. KeiraYGaleas says:

    Touche. Sound arguments. Maintain the great work.

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