Discovering the Supernatural Realm, Part One

In my latest book, Your Health in a World of Conflict, I invited all readers of this publication to accompany me on a journey from a physical domain of the earth into an unseen realm. To be sure this passage is not a literal one. However,as will be shown later, it can be accurately described as as metaphorical or allegorical. 

Those who have successfully navigated such an adventure one or more times in the past from the natural to the supernatural realm should be exceedingly pleased to repeat it.  Those who never wandered outside the physical realm may be hesitant to even take the first step.  Whatever the reader’s present thoughts are, he/she may want to think of this expedition as a passage from known physical existence to a lesser known yet higher reality.

Before we proceed, let’s take a break in this post because a word of caution is needed. If fellow bloggers are reading this post without the beneficial understanding gained by reading the five preceding posts, much continuity will be lost. Therefore, in the interest of completeness, I earnestly suggest doing so now begining with 'A Platform for Our Blogosphere II, dated Feb. 20. 


Normally we think of metaphorically journeying via pathways through valleys and hills to reach our destination. For the moment, instead of walking up and down hills, let’s imagine we first progress vertically by climbing on horizontal crosspieces of a ladder; stepping on each rung and momentarily deliberating on what we may learn about heavenly things as we ascend upward.

We also ponder about what we may encounter, it is necessary that each of us pause long enough on each step before taking succeeding steps. Why?  Because the matter of obtaining a spiritual understanding of an intangible, lesser known unseen world is progressive, similar to orderly advancements made within most educational institutions in our physical, well known and seen world.

Toward the goal of attaining knowledge of an abstract world from a Christian perspective, we will next consider the subject of awareness.




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