Discovering the Supernatural Realm, a Review, Part One


Before we get into the substance of future posts, let’s just take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Some of our blog readers may wonder if we are making any progress in our journey towards the supernatural realm.  I certainly hope that advances have been made.  What follows is a brief summary of what was covered so far about ‘Discovering the Supernatural Realm’.

A Platform for Our Blogosphere, I-V

We began this series of posts to find an appropriate platform title for our blogosphere.  A title was sought to establish a theme which would encourage thoughtful discussions among fellow bloggers and me.  The major perspective embedded in this theme is that a relatively unknown domain actually exists having its own set of identifiable landscapes.

While admitting a high degree of ignorance about features of this abstract domain, we are not totally uniformed about some of the principles and activities associated with this supernatural realm.  We can make this declaration since we are privy of the knowledge obtained through revelations recorded in the Holy Scriptures.

Having this unlimited resource at our disposal, we should be able to evaluate certain characteristics of the lessor known domain, (sometimes referred to as a heavenly realm or the Kingdom of Heaven) to comparable attributes in our own well known physical domain, (the earth).  It is when we evaluate these features in terms of similarities; we may be able to find parallels between the two domains that originally was thought to be dissimilar or worlds apart.

Although it may be obvious to many of our bloggers, we should readily point out this tremendous difference between the two spheres does not necessarily refer to physical distances. Figuratively, worlds apart can mean to be greatly separated by differing mind-sets, such as one’s attitudes, needs, opinions, or temperaments.

One way to overcome these differences is to identify a condition that is the polar opposite that sharply contrasts with apartness.  This approach of using opposites, such as day/night, life/death, good/bad or lost/found, has long proved to be a helpful in solving problems of this type.

Some of the words that are opposites of apartness are closeness, fellowship, camaraderie, intimacy, connection and togetherness.  When these terms are viewed collectively, they all imply something that is wanted, desirable and pleasant.

I chose the latter term, togetherness, as the best opposite of apartness.  When the condition of togetherness is achieved, even in part, the opposite state of worlds apart could be viewed as something unwanted, undesired or unpleasant.  It would seem logical that most people would favor togetherness over apartness.  If apartness could be minimized or reduced to the smallest possible degree, togetherness has a greater chance to become the dominate inner characteristic of mankind.

The Arrival of Blogosphere and Emergence of our Blogosphere

To better comprehend the differences of these two worlds or realms, which are based upon our physical sense of sight, we chose to relabel them as the Unseen World and the Seen World.

As previously mentioned, the unseen world possesses things and beings that are intangible, less understood and worlds apart from the seen world.  This world is known as fully as it can be known consists of objects and beings that are perceptible and discernible.   While these differences are readily acknowledged, certain philosophers and theists from ancient history to present times suggest certain similarities do exist between the two realms!  They reasoned that these domains are really not worlds apart but are more in agreement than they originally were thought to be.

Discovering the Supernatural Realm, Part One –Part Two (a) (b)

In my latest publication, Your Health in a World of Conflict, I invited all readers to accompany me on a journey from a physical domain of the earth into an unseen realm.  To be sure this passage into the unknown is not a literal one.  However, it can be described as metaphorical or allegorical. Both of these terms will be examined and scrutinized much more fully in later posts.

I wondered how many readers of my book or of this blog have attempted to journey into the mysteries of the unseen world. Those who have navigated such an excursion from the natural to the supernatural realm may be sufficiently pleased to repeat it.  Then there are those who never even thought of such a journey, let alone taking one. Whatever the reader’s present thoughts are, it is highly important to recognize this route takes one from a well-known physical existence to a lesser known yet higher reality.

In order to gain access to anything within the boundaries of the supernatural, we needed to find out a means to journey from the natural to the supernatural realm.  We can visualize that the journey will be upward toward the heavens so let’s imagine it will be a vertical climb on horizontal crosspieces of a ladder.  It’s not a race where we are competing with others to reach the top first.  Instead, we will journey together and ponder on what we may not only learn about celestial things but on how these things will provide the means to meet our human body and spiritual needs.


Even before placing one foot on the ladder, it essential for each of us to be somewhat aware of the reasons to make the upward climb toward the unknown.  One of the important explanations is based on our awareness of human needs.  Ever since the failings of Adam and Eve as told in the biblical creation story that all human beings, to some degree, are needy.

What are human needs?  In my book mentioned above, I presented a rather thorough listing of bodily and spiritual imperatives that are required to promote, sustain and improve the states of our health.  These imperatives include such items as food and shelter.  If one of the basic requirements is not met, it doesn’t mean we are less human, it simply means we are dysfunctional and will not possess optimum health and well-being as we should.

Scholars in the fields of philosophy and religion have suggested that one’s needs include certain intangibles, such as knowing the meaning of life—its significance, origin, and purpose, as well as conceptions of divinity and the question of what happens after we die.

All of this certainness leads to the fact we need to enlarge our awareness of the elusive unseen world, which may provide details of meeting many of physical and spiritual needs.  Together with assistance of God’s holy word, I am confident that our spiritual journey to the supernatural will indeed reveal heavenly solutions to the many problems facing you and me as well as all earthly inhabitants.

This concludes part one of the review. Part two will follow.

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