I want to apologize to my fellow bloggers about the pause taken in my blog site. I have been out of my ‘blog room’ for several months and I hope that you all have not given up on this important way for us to communicate with each other. The reasons for this temporary break are many. They include having to go elsewhere for various meetings and appointments, a busy holiday season and family obligations. So it’s really not something out of the ordinary and I think that most readers will understand. One thing that led to the pause was making a significant revision of the weblog site. The overhaul took the greater part of about three months. I anticipate that improved site will generate more people to actively engage in blogging. (In addition, the web site may help in the sales of my recent publications.) So, please check in as often as you can in order to make comments about the posts, for when you do, expect a response from me. I welcome any and all comments, whether complimentary or not. Thanks for your understanding the pause. I am looking forward to hear from previous and new blog participants. God Bless,  Clay