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Celestial and Earthly Citizenships: Part Five

The Past and the Future   There are a great number of themes of the Bible, which include God, Man, Satan, Sin, Salvation, Redemption and Love. Merely as literature, the Bible is supreme in its quantity and quality of themes. It satisfies the simple-minded and meets the expectations and desires of those exhibiting wisdom and […]

Celestial and Earthly Citizenships: Part Four

Heavenly Citizenship The Celestial Citizens of Heaven. (Philippians 3:20-21)    The Apostle Paul declares to the Christians at Philippi that our “citizenship is in heaven,” (Verse 20) Many students and teachers have placed this four-word phrase as one of the greatest thoughts expressed in the Holy Bible, especially for Christians. Indeed, this idea of Pauls’ […]

Celestial and Earthly Citizenships: Part Three

Earthly Citizenship In the Apostle’ Letter to the Philippians, (the paragraph of Chapter 3:17-21) Paul presents the idea of the future has been that he is a citizen of heaven and is conducting himself daily as one who belongs to that better country. But, while advancing to the statement of this celestial citizenship, he pauses […]

Celestial and Earthly Citizenships: Part Two

    Become a citizen of the Spurs Nation What Does it Mean ? Question: What does it mean to “Become a citizen of the Spurs Nation”? (See earlier posts on this subject) Answer: There are many ways to answer this question concerning earthly citizenships. May I suggest that it means that an individual is […]

Celestial and Earthly Citizenships: Part One

As you may recall from the last two posts, the story “Becoming a Citizen of the Spurs Nation” had a so-called theme which we can similarly use as the subject matter for our blogosphere’s platform. As we will see in upcoming entries, the idea that recurs in this story has features about citizenship in the […]