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My New Book

I am sure that most of my fellow bloggers wondered about the lengthy pause that I’ve taken in my blog site. I have been out of my ‘blog room’ for the greater part of a year. The major reason for the prolonged pause was the writing of a new book. I wanted to compose a […]

Christmas and Togetherness

How do we overcome many of the stresses, distractions and even loneliness this Christmas season?  One proven theme of life is togetherness, which offers us a means of overcoming the turmoil’s at this time of the year. We can get a great amount of joy  by being with others, with family, friends and acquaintances. This theme […]

The Pause

  I want to apologize to my fellow bloggers about the lengthy pause taken in my blog site. One thing that led to the pause was making a significant revision of the weblog site. The overhaul took about six months. I anticipate that improved site will generate more people to actively engage in blogging.  So, […]

Discovering the Supernatural Realm, a Review, Part One

Before we get into the substance of future posts, let’s just take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Some of our blog readers may wonder if we are making any progress in our journey towards the supernatural realm.  I certainly hope that advances have been made.  What follows is a brief summary of what was […]

Discovering the Supernatural Realm, Part Three (b)

A Continuation of our Discourse on Faith Christian Faith is: the opposite of doubt. the principal component of dogma held as true by faithful believers of Christianity the glue that maintains the connection of believers with God. trusting in Jesus Christ who leads believers into a close proximity and relationship with God. a firm belief […]

Discovering the Supernatural Realm, Part Three (a)

In the interest of continuity, I have a suggestion for those who may be first-time visitors to our blogging site.  I recommend that they ‘come up to speed’ by reading the last 7 posts, starting with the post entitled ‘A Platform for Our Blogosphere II’, dated February 29, 2016.   Taking the first steps on […]

Discovering the Supernatural Realm, Part Two

 Awareness One of the greatest tragedies of mankind occurs in some “blind” people who don’t even know that they are blind!  As mysterious as this may seem, how can this be?   Maybe it is because they are unfamiliar or uninformed and have erroneous perceptions about the reality of an unseen world. More likely, these […]

Discovering the Supernatural Realm, Part One

In my latest book, Your Health in a World of Conflict, I invited all readers of this publication to accompany me on a journey from a physical domain of the earth into an unseen realm. To be sure this passage is not a literal one. However,as will be shown later, it can be accurately described […]

Emergence of our Blogosphere

I am of the opinion that once the conditions of apartness and of togetherness, as presented in the last few posts, are associated next to one another in time or in space, the major topic of the blogosphere will emerge and become more to our understanding. With this caveat in place, please allow me to […]

A Platform for Our Blogosphere IV

So far we have identified and dissected the term, ‘apart’.  As portion of our blogosphere’s title, we can combine it with a word or proposition that means they are so related that both cannot be true and both cannot be false at same time.  They are mutually exclusive, opposite or contrary to each other.  As […]