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This book is about murder and is considered from two perspectives. The first understanding is based upon common and tangible evidence obtained largely from the criminological and socio-psychological studies. The second is often overlooked and is an understanding primarily derived from divine perspectives of Judeo-Christian beliefs. This latter view becomes the book’s major emphasis. Read More

Beyond Wondering about Murder from a Judeo-Christian Perspective

Throughout the ages, recorded history confirms murder is one of most horrifying actions taken against humanity. Why certain people commit murder is open to dispute largely because the exact cause or causes have not been firmly established. These disagreements give rise to wondering about murder causality.


From clashes between nations, sectarian divisions, civil disorder, to breakdowns in relationships and misunderstandings between individuals—it’s obvious we all experience harmful effects of conflict. In Your Health in a World of Conflict, Dr. Clay A. Henry considers the inflicted damages of conflict brought about in humans to be similar to the impairments of physical illness.
Dr. Clay A. Henry has an extensive background in academics, holding B.S., D.D.S. and PhD degrees, and experience at many levels of employment. As a civilian, with the military and especially during his twenty-seven-year tenure as a full-time faculty member at Baylor College of Dentistry, Clay had numerous opportunities to hone his writing skills. Most of these efforts centered on the composition of research grants and a sizable number of articles published in the scientific literature. Read Clay's Blog