The Blogosphere’s Platform: Citizenship In A New Nation

It should be abundantly clear to those who visit this web site that they will be furnished titles and pertinent information about each of my available Christian books. Should they wish, they can order any of them from well-known book stores or the publisher.

It also should be obvious that the platform of the blog feature in the site will also be Christian in scope. This means that the platform for our blogosphere or platform will purposely focus on several Christian related topics which are both informative for fellow bloggers and hopefully have the potential of generating comments, both pro and con.

In our last post entitled 'An Analysis of Blogging'', the term blogosphere was defined as a networking facility in which authors and blog readers can interact by expressing their own opinions on certain issues. Like all blogospheres, each one, including ours, will possess a detailed platform.

So what is the initial and platform of our blogosphere? To begin to answer this question, lets highlight the story mentioned in the last post. As you may recall, an announcement made in a local news-paper was entitled “Become a citizen of the Spurs Nation”. It is easy to see that it really was an analogy of contrasting differing domains of interest. The analogy was intended to entice people to choose citizenry in a new sphere, the Spur Nation.

As we will see in subsequent posts, this short story of attracting persons to choose citizenship in another ‘nation’ will set the tone of our blogosphere's platform. The specifics of the platform will be revealed in the next post.
Stay tuned.

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