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Christian Message from the Henrys

This is a current photo of Clay’s and Rose Marie’s home in Rockwall Texas showing the national flag of the United States. The flag is a powerful symbol of Americanism and is so revered and loved because it represents the land of the free. Without appearing to be super patriotic, the Henrys try to honor […]

God Wrote a Book

A few months ago I received a letter, seen below, from one of my daughters. I want to share it  with my readers and blog members. Clay God Wrote a Book God wrote a book. He chose a book to communicate the feelings of his heart and the truth to be an everlasting testament for […]

The Blogosphere’s Platform: Citizenship In A New Nation

It should be abundantly clear to those who visit this web site that they will be furnished titles and pertinent information about each of my available Christian books. Should they wish, they can order any of them from well-known book stores or the publisher. It also should be obvious that the platform of the blog […]

An Analysis of Blogging

Several years ago, I saw a subscription announcement on the front page of a local news-paper. The headline read “Become a citizen of the Spurs Nation”. (The Spurs are a well-known and a predominate basketball team in the NBA) By becoming a so-called ‘citizen’, an individual then has an opportunity to relinquish control of any […]

What is a Blog and What is a Post

I am strongly hopeful that my three published books, which includes my newest book, “Beyond Wondering about Murder from a Judeo-Christian Perspective”, will ignite real discussion in the Blog feature of my recently designed website, However, some of you may not be familiar with a blogging and even may not know what a post […]

Christmas and Togetherness

How do we overcome many of the stresses, distractions and even loneliness this Christmas season?  One proven theme of life is togetherness, which offers us a means of overcoming the turmoil’s at this time of the year. We can get a great amount of joy  by being with others, with family, friends and acquaintances. This theme […]