God Wrote a Book

A few months ago I received a letter, seen below, from one of my daughters. I want to share it  with my readers and blog members.


God Wrote a Book

God wrote a book. He chose a book to communicate the feelings of his heart and the truth to be an everlasting testament for his children. Father God wrote one book using more than 40 inspired human writers over the span of 1,500 years. His book has been called the ‘Greatest Love Letter to Humanity’ and would serve as recorded, a permanent guidance manual for his children. Our heavenly father chose written communication that could not be altered as the ages rolled on. It is a book that serves as a path to his children for living a life of righteousness and love. God wrote a book to communicate with his children his love for them and how to be saved by Jesus Christ. God wrote a book to let his children know how to avoid sin, repent from sin, and give them the promise of a life ever-after if they would accept his offer of grace. God wrote a book to deliver his promises to his children. God wrote a book to communicate the gifts that were available to his children if they only asked him. God wrote a book.


My earthly father, Clay Henry, singly wrote three Christian books over a period of 10 years to publicize his thoughts and ideas about the ‘Greatest Love Letter to Humanity’. He wrote these books to communicate the feelings of his heart and documented them in a way that will remain with us far after he is gone. My father wrote these publications so that all of us would know how much he and God loves us. My father used this means of communication so that we would have the tools to live a more righteous life and to give us a path to follow. My father’s writings were designed to make it easier for us to understand God’s book, and to reiterate how deeply God loves each one of us. My father wrote his books for readers to perceive the need of grace, love, and forgiveness by God. His books remind us that God has all we need. My father’s writings were intended to encourage us to love, give grace, and forgive others just as Christ has forgiven us. My father wrote these books to help spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For the sake of his family, friends, acquaintances and others, I trust that his books will collectively remain as a testament of his heart. Thanks Dad.

Vonna Jo

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