The Blogosphere’s Platform: Citizenship In A New Nation

It should be abundantly clear to those who visit this web site that they will be furnished titles and pertinent information about each of my available Christian books. Should they wish, they can order any of them from well-known book stores or the publisher.

It also should be obvious that the platform of the blog feature in the site will also be Christian in scope. This means that the platform for our blogosphere or platform will purposely focus on several Christian related topics which are both informative for fellow bloggers and hopefully have the potential of generating comments, both pro and con.

In our last post entitled 'An Analysis of Blogging'', the term blogosphere was defined as a networking facility in which authors and blog readers can interact by expressing their own opinions on certain issues. Like all blogospheres, each one, including ours, will possess a detailed platform.

So what is the initial and platform of our blogosphere? To begin to answer this question, lets highlight the story mentioned in the last post. As you may recall, an announcement made in a local news-paper was entitled “Become a citizen of the Spurs Nation”. It is easy to see that it really was an analogy of contrasting differing domains of interest. The analogy was intended to entice people to choose citizenry in a new sphere, the Spur Nation.

As we will see in subsequent posts, this short story of attracting persons to choose citizenship in another ‘nation’ will set the tone of our blogosphere's platform. The specifics of the platform will be revealed in the next post.
Stay tuned.

An Analysis of Blogging

Several years ago, I saw a subscription announcement on the front page of a local news-paper. The headline read “Become a citizen of the Spurs Nation”. (The Spurs are a well-known and a predominate basketball team in the NBA) By becoming a so-called ‘citizen’, an individual then has an opportunity to relinquish control of any other demanding interests or having a humdrum life in order to affiliate with a new and more exciting ‘Nation’ of Spurs.


In several ways, this particular advertisement is an invitation for a person to attain the status of a person, as being a legal member of a new and different nation. We can think of a so-called nation as a large body of people, associated with a particular territory or sphere of existence. This line of thought is intended to lead us to understand the meaning of a ‘blogosphere’.


In recent years many users of the internet have treated blogospheres as a gauge of public opinion or as limited spheres such as a devotion to foods, travels, gaming, health, clothing etc. It is not surprising that each blogosphere has a narrowly defined platform that attracts individuals having commonality with a stated platform and with each other. Thus, any given blogosphere implies that blogs exist as a connected community or as a networking provision in which authors and blog readers can publish their opinions.


In the next post, entitled ‘The Platform for our Blogosphere’, I will expand on the subject of a blogosphere as it directly applies to our weblog site. As we begin to understand the nature and details of our soon to be developed platform, it may attract others to become fellow bloggers and ‘citizens’ of a new domain.

What is a Blog and What is a Post

I am strongly hopeful that my three published books, which includes my newest book, “Beyond Wondering about Murder from a Judeo-Christian Perspective”, will ignite real discussion in the Blog feature of my recently designed website,

However, some of you may not be familiar with a blogging and even may not know what a post is. If so, allow me to give you an abbreviated description and functionality of these two terms.

A blog is a type of website. It is a term used to describe websites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. Blogs are usually sustained by an individual with periodic entries or observations or other material that might be of interest to readers.
Blogs range from the personal to the political, and can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects. On a blog, the content consists of articles, sometimes called entries or posts that the composer owns and manages.

My particular blog includes an interactive format that not only allows readers to leave comments and questions, but also permits the host blogger a means to respond to a reader. It is this last feature of my blog that I wish to emphasize. It is easy for the reader to respond to each and every post by simply checking the ‘add a comment’ noted near the post. A window will appear in which the reader can type his/her comment. Later, the comment can be observed adjacent to the post in the blog site.

Now that you know more about blogs and posts, you are sincerely invited to become a fellow blogger on my web site.

The New Book is Published!

I am pleased to announce that my new book is now published!  As you can see from the photo above,  the title on the front cover of the book is Beyond Wondering about MURDER from a Judeo-Christian Perspective.

This book is about murder and is considered from two perspectives. The first understanding is based upon common and tangible evidence obtained largely from the criminological and socio-psychological studies. The second is often overlooked and is an understanding primarily derived from divine perspectives of Judeo-Christian beliefs. This latter view becomes the book’s major emphasis.

Although the matter of murder is repulsive and revolting in the minds and senses, numerous people are inquisitive about what might provoke a person or group to commit such a horrendous crime. They cry out, “Why do some people chose to murder others?” “Is there a way to prevent these vile actions against humanity?” If you, the reader, are deeply agitated about these atrocities and want answers to these types of questions, this is the book for you.

More on my new book is forthcoming.


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My New Book

I am sure that most of my fellow bloggers wondered about the lengthy pause that I've taken in my blog site. I have been out of my ‘blog room’ for the greater part of a year.

The major reason for the prolonged pause was the writing of a new book.

I wanted to compose a story that would be currently relevant to the world in which we live.  I wanted to choose a topic that almost every person in the world was aware of. It had to be one detested and people wanted to know why it happened to in the first place. It had to be a criminal activity that resulted in a loss of life. The activity chosen was MURDER.

In the next post I will reveal both the title and some thoughts about the importance of writing on this subject.

Stay tuned,



Christmas and Togetherness

How do we overcome many of the stresses, distractions and even loneliness this Christmas season?  One proven theme of life is togetherness, which offers us a means of overcoming the turmoil's at this time of the year. We can get a great amount of joy  by being with others, with family, friends and acquaintances.

This theme of togetherness is also applicable in another way. We gather with other worshipers to publicly commemorate and celebrate the birthday of the One who pardons our offenses and offers us eternal life. Now we know why, somebody long ago, coined the phrase, Merry Christmas!

We truly wish our fellow bloggers the merriest Christmas of all!