The Arrival of Blogosphere

As promised in the last post, ‘Emergence of our Blogosphere’, I now will begin the process of clarifying the content of a very short statement mentioned in that post.  I purposely use the phrase, ‘begin the process’, because it is the starting of a series of proceedings we will take in order to achieve the […]

A Platform for Our Blogosphere IV

So far we have identified and dissected the term, ‘apart’.  As portion of our blogosphere’s title, we can combine it with a word or proposition that means they are so related that both cannot be true and both cannot be false at same time.  They are mutually exclusive, opposite or contrary to each other.  As […]

A Platform for Our Blogosphere III

Worlds Apart When we combine the words ‘world’ and ‘apart’, we get the phrase ‘worlds apart’ which has a quite different meaning than using individual terms. More precisely, this term  is an idiom. It is a form of language or an expression that cannot be understood from the meanings of its separate words, but has a separate […]

A Platform for Our Blogosphere II

As noted in the previous post, ‘A Platform for Our Blogosphere I’, one of the  words in the title  is ‘apart’.  In this current  post, the second term of the title is ‘worlds’, the plural of world. World(s) World is a common name for the existence of human civilization on the planet earth. In this case, […]

A Platform for Our Blogosphere I

In our last post entitled ‘Advanced Analysis of Blogging” the term  blogosphere was defined as a community of interconnecting blogs. Like all blogospheres, each one, including ours, will possess  a identifiable platform. To better understand where we will be going with our blogosphere and its platforms, the last post was used to contrast differing spheres […]

Advanced Analysis of Blogging

As I was drinking coffee this morning, I saw a subscription announcement on the front page of a local news-paper.  The headline read “Become a citizen of the Spurs Nation”. (The Spurs are a well-known and a predominate basketball team in the NBA)  By becoming a so-called ‘citizen’, an individual then has an opportunity to […]

Preliminary Analysis of Blogging

Many of the visitors to the web site and most of our established bloggers have had a chance to read an older post entitled ‘What is a Blog and What is a Post?’  This particular post is useful for those who want to learn some of the mechanics of blogging and/or wish to comment about […]

Where Have We Been?

Setting: Hospital Room Subjects: Rose Marie and Clay Date: Ten Days Post Spinal Surgery


Over the past decade or so, I have become increasingly absorbed with the many aspects of healthiness and its corollary, unhealthiness. The proof of this statement should be evident to readers of my last book, ‘Your Health in a World of Conflict’. Many other health professionals  have dealt with the phenomenon of health and disease, […]

Marks of Spiritual Maturity: Wellness

In my earlier book, Self Exposed, I identified certain ‘marks of spirituality’ and used them to indicate levels of spiritual growth.  These marks are unlike physical indices, such as measurements of a person’s height in inches or one’s weight in units of pounds. When we venture into the unseen world of spirituality it becomes evident […]